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Multi-Dimensional Body Balancing & Spirit Mending

"We are 99 percent invisible and 1 percent visible."  Buckminster Fuller

OUTER WORLD = the one percent of us that is physical (bones, muscles, organs, etc.)

INNER WORLD = energy centers, called chakras, which connect into the endocrine system (the glandular system---pituitary, thyroid adrenals, etc.)


These chakras are located in the six inner (invisible) bodies called the supra physical, astral, causal, mental, etheric and soul or spirit.

Together, these bodies make up the aura (energy field or etheric realm.


Why the Need for a Multi-Dimensional Balancing?

 We are electro-magnetic beings--spiritual beings.  Over the years, our outer and inner bodies and chakras accumulate thought forms, attitudes, judgments and beliefs that may have helped us as children.  However, as adults they become blocks that stop us from living a productive and balanced life.  We feel stuck on stagnant and we don't know why.  Something is wrong.  Life just isn't what it could be.  Our inner world is blocked and life gets hard and complicated.  Clearing these blocks enable our elctro-magnetic rivers (our Spirits) to begin to flow.


Why the Need for Spirit Mending?

We are both matter and Spirit.  Our Spirit is designed to flow through every cell in the outer and inner bodies.  Each cell has the intelligence and imprint of the whole--a hologram.  As a result of childhood and adult traumas (falls, accidents, abuse), the Spirit flowing in each body part and Chakra can become fixed or stuck in the past.  These Spirit pieces can be healed and brought up to the present.  When healed and in the now, we regain our self-esteem and sense of self.  We begin to realize the 99% of our inner world.  We come out of spiritual bankruptcy and re-connect with our inner treasure--our own individual Spirit--that is connected to the Whole.


NOTE:  Alcohol, recreational drugs and cigarette smoking BLOCK the benefits of this work


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